Maybe you think that bracelets are just the perfect gift for a girl, but at Double Bone we redefine the man bracelet making them full of personality and ready to make them THE PRESENT for him!

Suppose that your man is the one who has some cool rings and occasionally wears leather bracelets and you decided to buy him a piece of jewelry, but at the moment you were picking the one for him, you realize that buying jewelry for him is not as easy as you thought. Men are extremely particular about their accessories taste and every one of them has some individual details that you have to have into consideration.

In this entry, we will share with you some tips to guide you picking the perfect bracelet for him.

1.    Set the specific color and material of the bracelet you are looking for.

There are a lot of colors, textures and materials you can choose from, you will need to have the clearest idea of the bracelet you will give as a present.
Maybe you are going to look for a brown leather bracelet, or just a classy sterling silver beaded one. Doesn’t matter the style you will look for you’ll have to set it in your mind before picking the right one.

2.    Make sure you have the right size before buying

This is maybe the most important detail, if you find the perfect bracelet for your man but it doesn’t fit him right, your effort will be for nothing. Make sure before buying that you are choosing the right size for him… if he is already a user of bracelet, this detail will be easiest for you, you’ll just have to look into their actual accessories and find the actual size for him.

Once you know the previous important details, take note of these life hacks to not fail in this mission of choosing the right present for your guy.

1.    Check his selfies to make sure of his style

Get into his Instagram and stalk his selfies! 👀
If you scroll down enough, you will notice a pattern in his sense of style. If you look that he is huge fan of accessories made from leather, then you should pick a leather-made jewelry… On another hand, if you have seen him wear metallic jewelry before or have seen it multiple times in his selfies, that is probably what he prefers wearing. Moreover, you can always ask for advice from his friends and close ones who can help you know his preferences.

2.    Check is he has some allergies to any metal or material

Maybe this is a not so common detail, but if you know your man has some allergies, its important to have it into consideration in the moment you are choosing the gift for him. That’s why we recommend doing some research beforehand to safe both of you money and time.

3.    Get safe by choosing the simple and classic bracelet

In case you have absolutely no idea about gifting jewelry to your boyfriend, play it safe! Go for a simple and classy bracelet that will never go out of style. You are sure to have him all excited about your gift!

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