About women´s day around the corner, we want to talk about one of the favorite things of all women, jewelry! ✨

This is a top 8 picks of our all-times loved ones by her! So, if you want to have a special detail for one of them, here are some ideas you can considerate. Let’s start!


  1. Black Nylon Bracelet with Yellow/Pink Gold Evil Lucky Eye

It is not a surprise that this bracelet is one of the top loved ones, the Lucky Evil Eye Bracelet is not only a beautiful accessory but a charm to give protection, good luck and fortune to the wearer.

There are multiple color combinations, and recently we added some news, you can choose between neutral color, or shine ones like Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and other.

  1. Stingray Bracelet (Red)

This bracelet is a must have is you are a leather lover. Is the perfect piece to start your arm candy collection because you can match it with any metal color you want, there are multiple color treatments to its leather so you can have lot of options to look for her favorite.

  1. Multicolor African Beads with Black PVD

African Beads add the perfect amount of colors presence and textures into your outfit. You can stack multiple bracelets of this style or combine it with some other stingray leather pieces.
It’s made out of vinyl beads with a super durable material known for its elasticity and impressive resistance.

  1. 18K Yellow Gold Mesh

Bangles are timeless! This is a piece you can give for any special occasion and will always be lovely welcome. The 18K Yellow Gold Mesh can be easily combined with almost any type of bracelet, you can stack it with polyester bracelets, beaded ones and also python or stingray leather and will be always look amazingly good.

  1. Grey Nylon with 18K Pink gold Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Hand is synonym of good fortune and protection. You can wear this bracelet to style up your outfit or to use it as a mystical charm. There are beautiful colors that we recently added and is a great option to start your Double Bone Bracelets collection.

  1. White Gold Beads Bracelet

 Beaded bracelets are a MUST. They are super versatile pieces that complete any look you want. You can not also wear it alone but with some other beaded bracelets to make an arm candy collection. Choose between your favorite gold platting and make your arm shine bright like a diamond.

  1. Splash Painted Python Nail

Limited editions are for those who really love art. So if you are one of them, this is the perfect accessory for you. Splash Painted Python Nail is one of a kind, it stands out the simplest outfit and make it wild.

  1. Lapis Lazuli Stone with 18K Pink Gold

This collection of Stone Beaded Bracelets is made of semi-precious stones combined with the finest sterling silver beads; they are simply precious! If you know what is the favorite stone of your girl, you can be no wrong, or in case you want to give the stone related to its birthday, you can review our Birthstone Guide and choose the perfect one, click here and we will take you there.

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